Case History: Abuja, Nigeria

Written by Sebastiano.

Sicurit Dual Technology Barriers to improve the security at Federal Ministry of Finance in Abuja, Nigeria.

nigeriaSicurit thanks his Nigerian partner ActiTech for having awarded the contract for the procurement and installation of perimeter protection system at Nigerian Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF) in Abuja, capital city of main African economy-driven countries Nigeria.

Long range Digital Dual Technology Barriers ABSOLUTE Plus, interconnected through RS485 and monitored with Sicurit HYPERPOWER Security and Event Management system, are in a final installation stage at FMF.

All barriers has been equipped with Built-in hidden cameras connected to an internal IP encoder that will pop-up live streaming video into HYPERPOWER to confirm perimeter breaches.

nigeria installationFurther hardware integration in the C&C Center has been done through SICURIT programmable O.C. CMH8OUT modules in order to preset and consequently track eventual unauthorized intrusions with existent American Dynamics IP Speed Domes.

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