Analogue Dual Technology Barrier

  • Technology : Microwave + IR Beams
  • Range : 100 mt.
  • Alarm OUT: Contact relay
  • Applications: Industrial, Residential

absolute lite
ABSOLUTE products range has a new entry, especially developed to fulfil the requests of those applications that needs a mixture of high level security and low environmental impact (small industries and High-end residential), all in a cost effective solution.
ABSOLUTE LITE is a user friendly dual technology preassembled barrier that offers high capability of detection and very low false alarm rates thanks to the combination of the built-in digital microwave and digital optical syncronized IR beams.
Anti-crawling doppler units (IME251) are available where installation overlaps are not feasible.

ABSOLUTE LITE is available in 3 different configurations:

IMX100/2.0S - 2m height with 2 IR beams and 1 MW.
IMX100/2.0 - 2m height with 3 IR beams and 1 MW.
IMX100/2.5 - 2,5m height with 4 IR beams and 1 MW.

IR Beams

- Resist to strong light, up to 50,000 Lux
- 2 Digit display for simple alignment
- No SYNC cable needed


- Digital with planar antenna
- Automatic AGC control
- 4 tramsission channels


- Robust and discrete alluminium extrusion
- Anti-climbing and anti-crawling units available
- 2m and 2.5m height


Our mission started in 1971 with the purpose to offer the most effective security solutions technologically available.

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An extremely flexible security monitoring and control system which can collect up to 3072 Inputs through RS-485 or IP communication.

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