Van Gogh

Protection for paintings and tapestries on exhibition

  • Technology : Load cell
  • Alarm OUT: Contact Realy
  • Applications: Art galleries, Museums, Private collections

The VAN GOGH surveillance system for paintings has been devised to protect a large number of works of art hunging in museums and galleries. Paintings and tapestries are typical objects which require protection.
The alarm is triggered if the object is touched or removed. The system involves 2 parts: detection and evaluation.
The painting is hung by a straightened stainless steel wire attached to a sensor which evaluates the forces exerted on it. Very small movements and attempts to touch and/or remove the protected object are detected according to the set sensitivity.

  • Extremely reliable 24 hours protection for works of art
  • The work of art need only to be touched to trigger the alarm: total protection, therefore, both against theft and acts of vandalism
  • Nothing is attached to the work of art
  • Maximum flexibility for all types of exhibition

Van Gogh application

How It Works

Two varieties of the system are available, a standard system and a directd system.
The directed system indicates which sensor has triggered thee alarm.
The standard system only shows that one of the analysers connected to the switchboard has triggered the alarm. It is possible to discover which sensor has triggered the alarm by switching on the memory function of all the sensors. All the triggered sensors from the last memory function will show a flashing LED. Both versions have adjustable volume controls. Each analysis switchboard can deal with up to a maximum of 50 sensors. The connection wires are protectie against short circuits and cutting. The sensor case, in the analysis unit is protected against opening by a tamper system.

Van Gogh Codes and Description

SPZ300 VAN GOGH - Stand alone unit - 12V
SPZ310BA VAN GOGH - Stand alone unit - 3,6V siutable for third party and Leonardo System wireless connection
SPZ370 VAN GOGH - Control panel for up to 50 sensors
SPZ309 Open collector output modules - up to 30 alarm output
SPZ375 VAN GOGH system sensor
SPZ302 SPZ375 connection cable
SPZ303 Aluminium rail for SPZ375 mounting (3,0 mt. lenght)
SPZ304 Auxiliary security hook
SPZ305 Stainless steal dedicated cable


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