Digital Dual Technology IR+MW Barrier (IP Native)

  • Technology : Bi-directional and optical synchronized Infrared Beams + Digital Microwave
  • Range : up to 200m per zone
  • Alarm OUT: TCP/IP, GENETEC, Modbus TCP or Contact Relay (alarm/tamper)
  • Applications: Industrial, Military, Governmental

ABSOLUTE PRO™ perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) is a high security IP based modular Dual Technology barrier that combines unique new digital bi-directional with optical synchronization IR beam and digital microwave technologies within one unit. Developed for long range outdoor surveillances (up to 200m coverage between transmitter and receiver unit) for high risk areas located in critical environments where conventional technologies fail to grant continuous proper operations, ABSOLUTE PRO™ is the unique active barrier able to properly keep a high security degree during thick fog, heavy rain, strong snowfalls and sandstorms times. The system provides for maximum reliability of intruder detection with minimum false alarms and can be custom designed to any height and component array suiting each security requirement.

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Without any additional interface, ABSOLUTE PRO™ barriers can be easily integrated into existent or new IP backbone networks virtually in any locations. Advantages of IP network solutions include remote accessibility for system maintenance and diagnostic, easy connection, better scalability, flexibility and installation cost-effectiveness.

5-DS - 5 Detection Scenarios

5 Detection Scenarios

Being each IR beam inside ABSOLUTE PRO™ equipped with a microprocessor, individual crossing parameters can be set and up to 5 multiple intrusion detection scenarios can be configured for better filtering nuisance alarms caused by random animal activities such as flying birds and small/medium wilde animals keeping a high capability of real intrusions detection.

SEA - Signal Efficiency Analysis

Signal Efficiency Analysis

An other key innovation in ABSOLUTE PRO™ is the introduction of the Signal Efficiency Analysis (SEA), a predictive maintenance tool which continuously monitors the optical communication stability and efficiency of each IR beam alerting security operators when the system requires a maintenance inspection. SEA as an instance set off when columns front cover accumulation of dirt has reached critical levels or when IR beam modules are close to end of their life.



Thanks to the already patented bi-directional IR beam technology, IMT barriers (above all Avantgarde™ which is equipped with IR beam technology only) are completely immune to direct solar rays or e.g. car’s headlights often main cause of nuisance alarms in conventional IR Beam barriers.



Data communication between ABSOLUTE PRO™ Slave (TX) and Master (RX) units are optical and do not require any SYNC cable which makes installation procedures longer and costly. The safety of the optical data transmission is guaranteed by a continuous regeneration of specific codes protected with checksums.

TDA - Target Direction Analysis

target direction analisys

ABSOLUTE PRO™ provides not only simple alarm information but even target direction (IN or OUT) information which makes target tracking with perimeter CCTV cameras easier and more accurate. Directions can be filtered according to client requirments and internal security procedures.



ABSOLUTE PRO™ can adapt itself to any drastic environmental changing such as big snow falls, growing grass or sand storms by simply disabling without additional wire connections from the control room those IR beams temporally covered by high layer of snow or sand preserving its high capability of detection.



IMT barriers are delivered in standard configurations with the possibility to upgrade number of IR beams and/or columns height. From 2 meters high columns equipped with 3 IR beams up to 6 meters columns with 18 IR beams, surely SICURIT will be able to define the configuration that will better suite your application.


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An extremely flexible security monitoring and control system which can collect up to 3072 Inputs through RS-485 or IP communication.

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