BAT series

Compact outdoor long range active infrared beams with 8 frequency channels

  • Technology : IR beams
  • Range : 100, 150, 250 m.
  • Alarm OUT: Contact Relay
  • Applications: Industrial, Residential

Resist to strong light, up to 50,000 Lux, with built-in automatic adjustment strong light filtering system, to avoid being affected by strong sunshine and car lights. Fully protected by integrated structural design, which allows the equipment to operate normally in severe weather condition.

Thanks to its compact design this new series could be used for single  beam installations as well as multi-beam configurations due to the new 8 (eight) digital frequency channels.

BAT series is available in 3 different ranges: 100, 150, 250 mt.

- Luminous digit on receiver for easy alignment operations.
- Dedicated output for disqualification signal.
- Buzzer acustic signal for simple testing operation.
- Suitable for easy mounting in SICURIT towers BEC and BET


Multi-beams Configuration

All the BAT series can be assembled in extruded alluminum towers for multi-beam configurations. SICURIT provides state of the art towers with all the accessories necessary to customize your barriers for specific applications.
Towers BEC and BET series are available in different heights, from 1,5 to 4 mt.
Thanks to the digital frequency channels, up to 8 BAT can be assembled on tower for a high security degree.

BAT Technical Features

RANGE 100 mt. 150 mt. 250 mt.
Number of Beams 3
Digital Frequency Channels 8 selectable
Detection mode 3 beams blocked simultaneously
Response time 50 / 250msec.
Alarm Output Relay contact output N.O. or N.C.
Power Supply 12VDC
Optical axis adjustment (H) 180°
Optical axis adjustment (V) 20°
Dimensions h=270mm x b=98mm x d=88mm


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