Digital Microwave Intrusion Link

  • Technology : Microwave
  • Range : 50 - 120 - 200 mt.
  • Alarm OUT: Contact relay and/or RS-485
  • Applications: Industrial, Commercial, Residential

SICURIT Digital Microwave intrusion link DAVE represents a further technological step forward in outdoor perimeter protections.

It has been designed for quick and easy installation and it is suitable for any kind of environment that requires medium-high security standards.

Advanced digital signal processing (DSP) strongly increases detection accuracy and enables to discriminate unwanted targets with more precision compare to traditional analogue microwaves.


Intrusion detection, using a modulated amplitude sensitive system, takes place within the invisible pattern of microwave energy existing between transmitter and receiver. Changes of signal amplitude at the receiver are directly related to the object’s size, speed and density, allowing the sensor to discriminate between objects.

DAVE-RS versions

DAVE-RS versions feature data transmission over a dedicated RS485 serial line for remote diagnostic and configuration through CMH9000DAVE RS485/IP interface board and its Windows® based configuration software MICRODAVE.


CMH9000DAVE interface has been developed either for networking over IP DAVE-RS barriers into SICURIT Security Management System (SMS) HyperPower and/or into third party systems through programmable O.C. output modules.
Being one of main Geutebrueck® commercial partners, CMH9000DAVE interface has been implemented with GETAS protocols allowing an easy and intuitive integration with Geutebrück® central CCTV management Software GeViSoft.

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